Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New Girl on the Blog

I woke this morning around 4:00  with a desire to get up and read through a portion of Scripture which I have spent the last four years studying in my personal devotions.  It amazes me that I continue to find fresh truth from the same words.  2 Chronicles has become the background of my first book I just had published: "The Kings of Judah: A Lamp Maintained".  The narrative of these rulers became alive to me as I saw how applicable their situations and dilemnas were to me.  I saw God's mercy and patience even as He disciplined His children for their own good and His glory.  It is good to feel the hand of God on me, whether it's to comfort or discipline.  And how ironic that even His discipline can be comforting, for I know He loves me and seeks His best for me.  After all, I am His.